Owner & CEO
E-mail: propertymanagementbykelly@gmail.com


Hey! I’m Kelly. A Wisconsin native who landed here on the Gulf Coast in 2016, when my husband was stationed here while AD at NCBC. I own a property management company and a real estate brokerage here in Gulfport! My husband Brady and I have two kids, a little one and not so little, little one. When my husband was looking at transitioning out of the military we decided we loved the coast so much that not only did we stay, but we bought land with the hopes of building our dream home one day!

Professional Skills

Real Estate 90%
Property Management 90%
Marketing 80%
Interior Design 70%

Bio cont.

I like to think of myself as “not your average agent/property manager.” I’m straightforward, I don’t hand hold and I don’t sugar coat. While that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I do get that, I am true to myself and have found that to be the best for myself and clients! I have clients who have rented their homes with me and hadn’t stepped foot in the home until AFTER they signed for it. (Holy cow, thank you for trusting me that much!) I have clients who are there through every step, and I have clients who see the home and want me to take over from there. I am here to help in whatever way suits YOUR needs! I’ll video the neighborhood, the Walmart of the area, I’ll look under the dang home (with a home inspector to professionally follow and better guide) just to make sure you feel confident in your purchase. And THAT is what makes me “not your average agent.”

I am thankful for every opportunity I earn, whether it works out or not!