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Rental Requirements


Each applicant is required to have gross earnings at least three times the rental rate to qualify to view a property. This does not guarantee the application will be accepted. Showings for the home are not scheduled until a preliminary application is completed and approved. A showing will be scheduled once the application is approved. If the application is not approved you will be notified via the email on your application. The following is required as part of the preliminary application:

  • Some form of government-issued photo identification, such as a driver license, or passport.
  • Monthly gross income of approximately three (3) times the rental amount of the property for which you are applying.
  • Verifiable previous landlords, current employer, and 1 month paystubs. Please be sure to fill out the authorization form on the application page.

Please keep in mind we get a surplus of applications. Having your application completed, in full, with documents attached or emailed ensures a quicker turn around. If we do not have all necessary info we will request it, if we do not hear back we will not process the application.

All leases are 12 month leases, unless otherwise agreed upon. Leases under 12 months may be considered for a 30% increase in rent. Homes are not held past 14 days unless written permission is granted.

You must be 21, or older, to sign the lease. We do not accept cosigners.


Property Management by Kelly will process the application and verify all required information. Once the preliminary application packet is complete, we will contact the applicant(s) to view the property. After viewing we will need to conduct a credit and background check, as well as a pet screening. Whether you have pets or not, a pet screening must be completed. If you have service animals this process may take longer, so please plan ahead. If your application is approved, we will again contact applicant(s) to review the final agreement and at that time agent and applicant(s) will agree to the lease terms and the property will be removed from the active listings, with signed lease and deposit. A deposit is required to draw up the lease documents. A lease will be sent within one business day. It is to be signed within 24 hours. Once the lease terms have been agreed upon by all parties, the security deposit check will be deposited into the escrow account for Property Management by Kelly and will be held in this account until tenant vacates the property and the move-out inspection has been completed at the end of the lease term.


Preliminary applications are processed as quickly as possible and will normally be completed within 1-3 business days once it is fully completed. This can be longer if a complication arises such as difficulties contacting your past landlord or employer. We will verify your income and length of employment and confirm your rental history. We will not however begin this if we have not received all needed information. Once you’ve decided to move forward with renting a credit and background check will be completed. This is typically reviewed within 1 business day, unless it takes longer for a specific report. Screening of service animals does tend to take longer, depending on how quickly needed documents are uploaded.


Any request to make changes in the current condition of the property or terms of the lease agreement must be in writing prior to the lease being signed. These requests may be written at the bottom of the application, or emailed over at showing. This does not guarantee the request will be granted. Without any indicated changes, you are offering to rent the home in an “As Is” Condition.


All our properties have a policy on pets. This policy is listed within the ad on the rental list. Tenant will owe a $250 non-refundable pet fee per pet PRIOR to taking possession of the home. This fee is not related to pet damages, but simply to have the pet in the home. If it is determined that a tenant brings an unapproved animal into the home, tenant may be charged a fine per unauthorized pet and tenant will still be responsible for any damage attributed to the unauthorized pet. The term “unauthorized pets” also includes, but is not limited to, pets belonging to friends, family, neighbors, etc. The only pets permitted in the home are approved pets and must be on the lease. To get approval for a pet it must be submitted to PRIOR to the pet entering the home. Each pet must be screened at If you do not have pets this still must be done. This also must be done for any new pet PRIOR to it being in the home.


After preliminary application is approved, we will schedule a showing with you. If at showing you’d like to move forward the security deposit must be paid to hold the home. The home will be marketed until the deposit is paid and lease is signed.

To have lease drawn up the following is required:

  • Payment for Security Deposit (equal to one month’s rent) will be paid through the tenant portal.
  • Lease is to be signed within 24 hours of Security Deposit.

After approval, if tenant will not be taking occupancy within 24 hours, a non-refundable Deposit to Hold in the amount equal to one month’s rent will be required within 24 hours to hold the property until a mutually agreed upon move-in date. The maximum amount of time a rental will be held is 14 days, unless written permission is granted. After all move-in requirements have been met and a lease for the property completed, the Deposit to Hold will transfer to the security deposit to be held throughout the tenant’s entire tenancy. If the Prospective Tenant fails to provide the Deposit to Hold within 24 hours of approval, the home will be offered to the next qualified applicant. Once deposit is paid and lease is sent  the applicants will have 24 hours to sign lease. All leases are 12 month leases.


After approval and before occupancy will be granted, Prospective Tenant must supply all the required move-in funds, including the security deposit, first month’s rent, and any other additional deposits and fees, all tenant paid utilities must be transferred into Prospective Tenant’s name, and a lease must be executed and signed by all parties. Tenant then must complete the new move in check list and provide all information relating to prior to receiving keys and move in. This must be done by the agreed upon date. We will not adjust the prorated rent if for any reason move in date changes.


It is the policy of Property Management by Kelly to thoroughly investigate all individuals applying for residency. Each individual applicant must meet requirements to be approved. Individual owners may have higher or lower qualification requirements.

Our ability to process your application in a timely manner is dependent upon the thoroughness and accuracy of your responses. We will then inform you of the acceptance, or refusal, of your application.

The application process includes, but is not limited to, investigation of the following for all applicants.

  • RESIDENCE HISTORY: Verification of current and past residences including: length of residency, rental amount, payment history, the absence or presence of complaints, the condition upon vacating, the cost of damages incurred, and history of proper notice given regarding intent to move. A stable rental history is expected of all applicants. If you currently own your residence, your mortgage payment amount and payment history may be verified.
  • EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Verification of current employment includes length of employment and monthly gross income of approximately three (3) times the rental amount of the property for which you are applying. Your most recent employment and current employment should be of reasonable length of time and should demonstrate stability in employment history. Self-employed applicants must furnish their most recent tax return for review.
  • BANKRUPTCY: The application may not be accepted if the applicant has filed for bankruptcy or with debtor’s court within the last three (3) years.
  • CREDIT: Applicant must display a pattern of responsibility, have low DTI and no current past due accounts.
  • BACKGROUND: Applicants must display a pattern of responsibility.

Fees are non negotiable.

We take pride in maintaining quality properties you will be happy to call “Home.” You will be treated with kindness and respect. All properties leased and managed by Property Management by Kelly is offered subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, country of national origin, disability, familial status, or any intention to make such preference, limitation or discrimination

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